Why Take a Recruiters Call?

Why Take a Recruiters Call?

A common misunderstanding made by some candidates is that they don’t fully recognize the value that recruiters can provide to them. An experienced talent advisor can quickly become your biggest ally in a competitive job market. It’s important to remember that many candidates struggle to land jobs on their own simply because they often get lost in the sea of resumes and applications. Human resource professionals just don’t have the time to sort through them all. Here are a few reasons why you should take the call if a recruiter reaches out to you.

Personal Branding

Only a very small percentage of applicants are selected for interviews. A search consultant will remind and reinforce why you are different. Search professionals will articulate your value proposition which most of the time the hiring manager is too busy to read through carefully. Also known as personal branding, candidates that partner with the right recruiters stand apart from the rest of the competition because their resumes will also be accompanied with verbal presentations of each candidate’s accomplishments and skill sets.

Effective Representation

Hiring managers typically have questions regarding a candidate’s skills, so working with a recruiter will ensure that any inquiries into their credentials are answered in a timely, accurate manner. Communication style and thought leadership are also an important qualities to ensure cultural fit.

More Efficient Job Searches

Average job openings typically receive hundreds of resumes and applications. Since the job-search process can last over six weeks, allowing a recruiting specialist to advocate on your behalf can drastically reduce this time. Recruiters know the culture and environment and can help you from wasting time if it’s not a good match.

Extra Professional Connections

It’s not what you know, but who you know in most industries. Clients trust the word of their confidant search consultants.

If you do get a call from a recruiter, remember to be professional and clear in your communication. Ask good questions and let them know what kind of new opportunities you would be willing to consider.

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