How Can Good Leadership Improve Retention?

How Can Good Leadership Improve Retention?

If your organization is struggling with high employee turnover, now might be a good time to start reviewing the leadership. Developing superior leadership is one of the best strategies to not only improve retention, but also to create a positive work environment and increase productivity. Here are some qualities of excellent leadership.

  • Be an example on a daily basis. Good leadership will motivate the team by not only guiding their efforts, but also by doing their best and reaching their own goals.
  • Provide your team with regular encouragement to achieve their milestones. Supportive and encouraging words can go a long way toward lifting your team’s spirits during times of challenge. Use your words wisely to uplift and motivate those around you.
  • Invest in your team’s ideas and ambitions. Your team may need additional resources and training to achieve their goals, so be open to providing them with the necessary tools to succeed.
  • Encourage open communication. The best leaders provide clear communication about team strategy, as well as workplace plans and procedures. Establishing an open-door policy often improves retention because it encourages employees to provide feedback and discuss important matters with leaders before they escalate into major problems.
  • Reward your team for achieving results. Effective leaders will offer some sort of incentive when their team successfully accomplishes their goals.
  • Provide them with an environment of continual learning. Focus on giving your team the tools and resources needed improve their skills and productivity.


Leading Millennials

Leading and retaining millennials might take a slightly different approach. For instance, many in this generation prefer flexible work hours and environments. Forbes created the following list of what companies should be doing to retain millennials.

  1. Creating a Work/Life Balance
    Millennials like to choose when they work and have fun. They also value more opportunities for community involvement compared to other generations.
  2. Effective Use of Digital Communication
    Since millennials are proficient on in many different niches of technology, providing them with good leadership will help them to put these skills to use in the workplace.
  3. Establishing an Environment of Loyalty and Stability
    If leaders offer millennials freelance flexibility with full-time stability, then it often works to improve retention efforts.

Providing effective leadership for your team should be an ongoing goal for managers and leaders. Developing leadership skills can improve morale as well as long-term retention. Creating a positive work environment is an essential element of leadership that leads to increased productivity over time.

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