Prepare for an Offer! How to Prep for a Great Interview

Prepare for an Offer! How to Prep for a Great Interview

Executive search consultants prep their candidates for the interview so they will be fully ready to effectively speak about their experiences and strengths, as well as ask engaging and revealing questions. Candidates who spend more of their time focusing on interview preparation will have more success than those who don’t.

Regardless of the industry, candidates are always looking for the best ways to stand apart from the competition. It can be extremely difficult to even get noticed in the vast sea of applications that most companies receive on a daily basis. Here are some tips to prepare for your interview and make a great fist impression.

Research & Learn About the Company
Candidates who are interested in working for a company need to show their knowledge of that business during an interview. Some pertinent questions that should be answered prior to interviewing are:

  • What is the company’s position in the industry and how are they perceived within it? Search Google, blogs and press releases to gain a sense of the direction the company is moving in. What are some of their recent milestones or accomplishments?
  • What is their culture like? Some of the most common work cultures are team-first, elite corporate, horizontal corporate, conventional corporate and progressive corporate. Try to get a feel for the overall approach of their leadership and history. Often, you will need to read between the lines to get a deeper feel for a company’s culture.
  • Who are their top people? Candidates are encouraged to learn more about the leaders of the organization they will be interviewing with. Conduct research on the CEO, the board of directors, and gather the backgrounds on those who will be directly interviewing you. If you are able to discover some common ground, similar interests or experiences, then you’ll stand a much better chance of being remembered.
  • In what direction is the company going? In addition to looking at their mission statement and core values, it’s also important to review the last two annual reports and current year’s quarterly reports.

Then, once candidates feel comfortable enough with their knowledge of the company they’d like to work for, it’s back to the basics. You should respect the dress code, make a positive first impression, and not sound rehearsed. Proper planning and preparation will help you stay calm and focused so that you can make a great first impression. Remember – interviews are a two-way street. Set your intention to be your authentic self so that you’re offering a true look at your personality and accomplishments during this critical phase of getting to know each other.

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