Nonprofit Sector Trends

Nonprofit Sector Trends

Researching both past and current trends in the nonprofit sector can be an effective way of predicting what the future holds for the charitable industry. Major nonprofit trends in 2017 ranged from the expansion of mobile technology use to recruiting more candidates with fundraising and networking expertise. The National Council of Nonprofits created a comprehensive list of hot topics. Here are some of the up-and-coming trends that were listed:

Sexual Harassment

It was an epidemic throughout the year in nearly every industry. Famous actors, directors and even politicians were some of the people accused of sexual harassment in 2017. Unfortunately, the nonprofit sector isn’t immune from these types of complaints either, and many charitable organizations just aren’t prepared to handle such allegations. This year definitely put nonprofits on alert regarding their current sexual harassment policies and even encouraged many of them to update them.

Crisis Preparedness

From wildfires raging on the west coast to record flooding from hurricanes in the deep south, sometimes nonprofits are left in the path of these natural disasters with little warning. In an effort to protect your nonprofit’s assets, you can prepare for a pending crisis by bolstering your insurance policy and planning specific drills.


Instances of identity theft peaked in 2017, with a growing number of identity thieves targeting the nonprofit sector. Thus, cybersecurity should remain a high priority in 2018 as nonprofits look for helpful ways to defend against malware and hackers.

Talent Development

The movement Fund the People was launched this year and included a variety of useful resources including data on the talent investment deficit, along with the top reasons to invest in nonprofit talent, discussion guides, and case-making language nonprofits can use to seek grants for investments in talent. 2018 could be a good year to join the nonprofit sector as more and more grant-makers garner much needed investments.

Reviewing the trends for 2017 is helping non-profits stay competitive with issues that are vital to them. From crisis preparedness to talent development, these issues continue to be in the forefront to be addressed with ongoing strategies.


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