Mission driven, purposeful people. They are inspiring, motivating and have the ability to galvanize people into action. They are donor-centric, relationship driven and keep their eye on the numbers. They usually like to track everything. They don’t forget the donor, ever. These are some of the qualities we look for when working on your non-profit searches.

What We Do


  • We look for the philanthropic and charitable philosophy connection, between our clients and candidates. We rigorously assess alignment to the organization’s mission, and vision, and a natural passion to see positive impact.
  • PASSION, we’ve got that, and we use it to find top-tier candidates with the skill set and heart to become a thriving member of your team.
  • Our size and experience allow us to put your needs and bottom line first. Assessing our clients’ culture and competencies, we offer uniquely tailored solutions that are efficient and cost effective to achieve the end result, finding “only the best fit for your evolving culture.
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Why Work With Us


  • We offer creative recruitment solutions that account for your nonprofit’s budget, current and future needs as well as your organization’s culture.
  • We execute every search with an eye for diversity. As certified diversity recruiters, we reduce bias in the candidate attraction and interviewing process by proactively reaching out to under-represented candidates and creating unbiased job descriptions.
  • Once you’ve made a selection, we can guide you through the onboarding process to integrate the individual into your team.

Finding the right person that shares your vision and values, requires effort and time away from you helping the community you serve. K. Russo Consulting knows recruitment. We know how to find the best talent for your non-profit organization and have the same passion you have for helping others. Our highly qualified recruiters utilize the information we learn about your mission and the people fulfilling it to find “only the best fit” candidate for the job.

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We embrace going beyond the norm and put your needs and bottom line first.


Contact us to find your one in a million candidate!



As the evolution and importance of environmental, social and governance (ESG) constructs in business continues to rise, we find ourselves in an era of “interconnectivity” — between businesses and consumers, corporations and employees, employees and communities, racial justice and environmental justice, climate change and the economy, and more. This work can no longer be siloed or sidelined. It is connected and integrated throughout the business and affects all stakeholders. Responsible businesses now understand that they are the most trusted societal institution, according to the Edelman Trust Barometer 2022. The challenge is whether they will hold themselves accountable and retain that trust while playing a leading role in social impact movements.

How We Work


(How We Solve Client Challenges)


K. Russo recruiters don’t just scan through resumes and hand our clients the best one, we utilize state of the art recruitment technologies to rapidly create robust lists of qualified talent on every search. Our deep discovery leads us to finding the best fit for their organization.


K. Russo has established relationships with skilled, passionate people in the non-profit sector over the years. We are career experts
• During the search process, we promote the executive position on strategically identified channels, manage your applicants flow from your career page. We keep the process consistent and allow you to focus on other things.
• Candidates are evaluated in a three-stage process that takes into account an individual’s written, verbal, and face to face interview skills. references are conducted by our expert recruiting team.

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Areas We Work


K. Russo is here to fulfill all your non-profit recruitment needs:


• AVP, Institutional Support
• Regional Fundraising Specialist
• Major Gifts Officer
• Director of Foundation and Government Support
• Director of Major Gifts
• Manager of Major Gifts
• Chief Executives
• Chief Fundraising and Development Officer
• Executive Directors
• Email Marketing Manager
• Project Managers
• Corporate Partnership Leaders

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The K Russo Difference


What makes K. Russo unique is our approach with our non-profit clients.


We embrace a new way of doing things and because of our size and experience can put your needs and bottom line first. Assessing our non-profit clients’ culture and competencies, we work differently with different organizations to make sure you are getting specifically what you need. We do not offer a one size fits all service. We are always on the hunt for talented candidates that have experience in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors with a passion for doing good.


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Our Practices



Human Resources

Human Resources



What are candidates saying about K.Russo team?

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