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Uniquely tailored talent solutions to help clients attract and build teams that last

Who We Are?


K. Russo Consulting is a boutique executive search and human resources consulting firm with global capabilities that also specializes in customized candidate research and international sourcing through its sister company IIPE.


We provide clients with holistic and cost-effective solutions to all talent management needs. We are fearless talent advisors. We challenge the norm, take smart risks and really understand what drives people and teams.


In today’s global environment speed is critical during the hiring process. Our rapid time to fill is less than 70 days. We have demonstrated success. We help companies build strong teams that last incorporating our DEI practices to add value to your existing culture.


Contact us to discuss an efficient recruitment solution and achieve the end result of finding you “only the best fit” for your evolving culture.

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Our Practices



Human Resources

Human Resources

Why Work With Us?


We offer creative recruitment solutions that account for your nonprofit’s budget, current and future needs as well as your organization’s culture.


We execute every search with an eye for diversity. As certified diversity recruiters, we reduce bias in the candidate attraction and interviewing process by proactively reaching out to under-represented candidates and creating unbiased job descriptions.


Once you’ve made a selection, we can guide you through the onboarding process to integrate the individual into your team.


Finding the right person that shares your vision and values,requires effort and time away from you helping the community you serve. K. Russo Consulting knows recruitment. We know how to find the best talent for your non-profit organizationand have the same passion you have for helpingothers. Our highly qualified recruiters utilize the information we learn about your mission and the people fulfilling it to find “only the best fit” candidate for the job.

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Focused on Your Career


“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” — Eleanor Roosevelt.

We focus on you and put ourselves in your shoes. What’s important to you? Company culture? Shared values? We want to know!

Enhancing your career, find your balance, continue in your path and find your dream.

We listen and connect you to the organizations best suited to your goals. We give our candidates our full attention, making sure we don’t miss any details when it comes to their careers.


Learn more about our tailored approach in finding your next career.

Unleashing the Power of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion


We know helping clients create a culture of inclusion is what unleashes the power of diversity. As a discipline-specific human resources practice, incorporating a diversity strategy in every search has always been embedded in our process. It is a key value within our recruitment philosophy. Our diverse team has the insight to analyze and strategize searches from different but shared perspectives.


As certified diversity recruiters, we reduce bias in the candidate attraction and interviewing process by proactively reaching out to under-represented candidates and creating unbiased job descriptions. We identify DEI experts for clients across all industries to assist in growing diversity of thought.


Over time, by nature of our practice, we have organically grown a strong network key leaders and influencers who share these values.

“As a fourth-generation female entrepreneur, being in search and consulting for 28 years has offered me the opportunity to be inspired and challenged by many amazing clients, candidates and colleagues. This also presented an environment of continuous learning. I was listening to clients and the tide was changing in the
recruitment industry. Search is not always the only answer. It was time to change the game.”


Karen Russo, CEO and Chief Talent Officer

About Us


Our story began in 1996 when Karen Russo, a fourth-generation entrepreneur, launched K. Russo Consulting Inc. Karen believes passionately in challenging the norm, taking smart risks, and really understanding what drives people and teams and modeled K. Russo Consulting in that vision. She wanted to create a recruiting solution where candidates weren’t seen as resumes. Believing it’s important to walk in their shoes, the recruitment team listens to understand the candidate’s interests, values and career goals.


Karen later launched a Mexico-based boutique RPO company, IIPE International Executive Research, that identifies, sources and attracts talent for clients worldwide. With a growing portfolio of clients, IIPE is the engine that supplies talent across industries.


K. Russo Consulting ‐ a member of the Sanford Rose Associates® network of offices, is an independently owned and operated office of Sanford Rose Associates International, Inc., an organization with a 50+ year history of offering executive search services, ranked number 9 largest search firms in North America ( by hunt Scanlon).


We’ve shared our story. We want to hear yours!



What are candidates saying about K.Russo team?

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