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What We Do


Enhance your career, find your balance, continue in your path and find your dream. We listen and direct you to the organizations best suited to your goals.


Personal Branding


Are you getting lost in the black hole of electronic candidate application process?
K. Russo Consulting candidates benefit from our personal branding. We supplement every submitted resume with a verbal presentation of the candidate’s accomplishments and skill sets. We communicate what a resume cannot, and immediately answer any questions.


Direct And Honest Feedback


We are straight forward about the strengths and challenges of an opening and the suitability each candidate possesses for them to make the best career decision
We help you to assess your ability to fulfill job specifications and your potential to grow and develop within the position – and company.


Respect For Your Reputation


We do not send out resumes without a candidate’s permission. With K. Russo Consulting, you always know who will be viewing your credentials. We protect you from being exposed… and over-exposed.


Continuous Support


We are known for our killer interview prep! Working with us, you’ll be sure to have your best game on!
When it comes time to negotiate, K. Russo Consulting has the experience and market data to help you
make an informed decision.

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Why Work With Us


In today’s global environment, we recognize that speed is critical during the hiring process. We work with you to ensure that we are able to position you with the client in your best possible light, quickly.


As talent experts, we know that you and your career are the top priority. We are not a cookie cutter solution; we get to know you and understand your strengths to position you in opportunities that truly make sense for your career development. Some people call it handholding, but we believe that ensuring you get the right fit in the right position is just the right way.

Career Advocacy


What are your career goals? Do you have a plan and looking to take the next step in your career? We want to help you get there. Our recruiters get to know you on a deep level, finding you a career that best fits your career trajectory.


We advocate for our candidates, showcasing your skill set and personality to hiring managers. We care about where you are and where you want to be. Our team assists you in preparing for interviews, give you valuable feedback and make sure you are always prepared for your next step. We make sure that you are able to share the best version of you.


We also offer career and executive coaching to help you get to the next level of your career. We teach you to advocate for yourself.


Allow K. Russo to assist you in making your next career move!



What are candidates saying about K.Russo team?

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1120202222 - Human Resources, Diversity Equity and Inclusion, Executive Leadership


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