Millennial Interviewing Tips Part 2

Millennial Interviewing Tips Part 2

If companies are smart they will have already adapted their traditional interviewing questions to make them more applicable to the millennial generation. In part 2 of this series on millennial interviews, candidates can prepare for this by rehearsing some of the following scenarios.

1. How do you spend your free time? Do you prefer to do things on your own or with friends?

This question can be tricky. It’s often asked to get an idea of how you will interact with co-workers and perform on projects. They want to know if you are a team player or you like to stray from the pack. This is another question that needs to be delicately addressed.

If you say that you always like to be around people and don’t like to do things on your own, then they will think you can work well on a team but can’t ever be a leader.

Yet, if you say that you prefer to be solo, then they may think you would have difficulty cooperating on a team and can’t collaborate. You may have the potential to be a good leader but have trouble listening to other’s opinions.

Try something like:

“I love to spend time with friends but also enjoy diving into a good book.”
This shows that you are a social person and interact well with others but also that you are capable detaching yourself and being a free thinker.

2. When you do an outstanding job, how do you want to be rewarded?

“I would appreciate respect and recognition. If I do a great job I like to know so I can continue to give you the same quality if not better every time. That feedback shows me that I am doing my job correctly.”

3. Could you describe your ideal work/life balance?

“My ideal work/life balance would consist of me being successful in my career and in my outside life.”

“Ideally, I can excel at work, perform at my best, and still be able to disconnect and enjoy my life on the weekends.”


Request a business card from all those who interviewed you if they didn’t already offer you one. Remember to send a thank-you note immediately after the interview to all those you met with to include your recruiter. This can be a very useful tool for reinforcing your candidacy and opening the door for future communications.

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