Millennial Interviewing Tips Part 1

Millennial Interviewing Tips Part 1

The Millennial generation is quickly becoming one of the largest segments of the overall workforce. Most recruiters are becoming aware that these candidates are looking for more than the traditional workplace norms that were acceptable to those previous generations of workers. The vast majority of Millennials desire opportunities to make positive social changes, a better work/life balance and additional benefits that match their values. During an interview, they may be asked unique questions that should be considered in advance.

Here are some questions that Millennials might be asked during an interview:

  1. If you are hired, how do you plan to advance to the next position above this one?
    Use this question as an opportunity to express your ambition along with a desire to learn and grow with the organization.
  2. Do you believe you have qualities necessary to advance professionally, and if so what are they?
    Emphasize hard work and dedication. Many employers have a stigma regarding Millennials. They think that this generation was brought up with a sense of entitlement. Play your strengths; they want to hire Millennials for a reason. You are tech savvy, intelligent and energetic people. Tell them that you can offer them innovative ideas and that you are a quick learner.
  3. What do you want to obtain from this position?
    Millennials definitely aren’t afraid to indicate that they want to be tested by their employers. Focus more attention on your personal accountability. Answer this question carefully; avoid saying something that sounds self-serving. You could say that you want to be challenged, to gain responsibility, knowledge and make a positive impact.
  4. How do you approach a difficult problem?
    Candidates should prepare responses that not only highlight their troubleshooting skills, but also depicts them as being team players. Some powerful answers to these questions are:“I look at all my possible options and try to make the decision that affords me the least amount of risk and the best possible outcome.”“I would ask for advice from trusted friends and superiors then consider their thoughts and my own before I make a decision.”

With some forethought and consideration, answering the questions you might get in an interview can be a breeze. In part 2 of this blog, we’ll cover the interview conclusion and follow-up. Stay tuned!

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