How to Take Your HR Career to the Next Level through Advancing Your Skills

How to Take Your HR Career to the Next Level through Advancing Your Skills

There is a point in your career where you may come to realize that your current knowledge cannot carry you into the next position. While the knowledge of your specific job is essential, in higher levels of management, having an array of tools and expertise outside of your core responsibilities can be a real asset. Here are three things you can do to expand your skills and advance to the next level in your Human Resources career.

Take an Assignment in an Area Outside of Human Resources

One of the best ways to learn is with practical experience. Participating in a project or assignment outside of your functional area can significantly expand your knowledge making you viable for advancement. It can also enhance your leadership capabilities which make you a valuable candidate for higher positions.

Network with Other Professionals

Networking with other professionals within your organization can increase your visibility. There are many people in a company with their own unique gifts and knowledge. Meeting these people and connecting with them gives you an opportunity to learn and share. Often, departments are required to collaborate on projects together, or one office needs something from the other. Knowing the people across your organization gives you the opportunity to help move projects forward when the situation arises.

Look for a Mentor

Senior positions are filled with many responsibilities and some that cannot be learned out of a book. Seeking mentorship can help you prepare or operate in a senior position. Asking for a mentor not only shows that you are willing to learn, but it allows others to teach you methods that you may not have considered.

Learn Versatility

Versatility and flexibility are the watch words for advancement in HR. Being well rounded and versed in a variety of different areas improves your changes of moving up in your profession. These critical skills are what upper management is looking for in human resources professionals. Expanding your competencies outside of the core roles of your position will help make you the best candidate for that next career level.

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