Current Issues in Human Resources

Current Issues in Human Resources

Successful HR organizations are often challenged to stay current regarding HR strategies. It can be rigorous work to keep a watchful eye on all the new data analytics and metrics, while balancing corporate culture, day to day engagement and inclusion. The best Human Resource departments manage this by continuously researching, learning and educating their teams. Here are some the challenges currently facing HR professionals and insight on how best to approach them.

Successful Onboarding

Hiring and retaining employees has become increasingly more difficult. Jobs are becoming more highly specialized, requiring prior training as well as on the job training. This makes retaining employees even more crucial. A recent Nintex survey found that 58% faced an ineffective onboarding protocol which in turn hurt morale and hindered company loyalty. Even surveyed HR members believed that the onboarding process was one of the most underutilized tools in a company’s toolbox. There are signs that failed onboarding process can lead to long-term adverse effects which could hurt companies in the long term. Having a strong, efficient onboarding process will ensure that new employees become well integrated. It also supports retention and longevity for your valuable team members.


Companies are realizing that diversity is not the only thing they need to incorporate into their culture. Another vital piece of the puzzle is inclusion. HR is tasked with the challenge of increasing diversity, while also ensuring that all employees feel included. Employees need to be supported and welcomed into the network of the culture. Understanding the contrast between diversity and inclusion is an important aspect of improving the process.

Often diversity can be a testy issue; some workers invariably feel that such policies allow the hiring of people who are not as qualified as they should be. They fear that someone is being employed more for diversity than actual job performance. Employers need to make clear that everyone has to be equally qualified to be considered, yet measures are actively taken to combat discrimination and bias.

Fair Wages

Wages have remained relatively flat and that contrasts with the record-low unemployment rates we currently face. It appears that companies still aren’t confident enough in the overall economic growth to significantly increase wages. When it comes to the minimum wage, there has been much disagreement about whether a higher minimum wage helps or hinders the worker. In a recent Washington Post report, there’s evidence to suggest that it helps workers. Or at the very least, it doesn’t harm them.

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