3 Healthcare Trends to Look For in the Coming Year

3 Healthcare Trends to Look For in the Coming Year

Home-Based Care

One of the key healthcare trends that continues to gain momentum is the shift toward more home-based care. Healthcare services that are located directly within a patient’s home, or close nearby, is a convenient way of providing effective, comprehensive services. Telemedicine is an innovative service currently being offered in the industry that helps patients receive healthcare in their respective homes. This technique is popular in rural areas where patients would otherwise have lengthy commute times to visit their primary care providers. Dr. David Tsay, associate CIO at the New York-Presbyterian Innovation Center, expects the that the healthcare industry will continue transforming over the next decade. He said, “I think hospitals will look very, very different. Hospitals will primarily be ICUs and ORs, and the rest of care will be done in the convenience of the home.”

Value-Based Care

As the healthcare industry gradually shifts from volume to value, some biotech companies have begun strategically partnering with health insurance companies to provide the utmost value to patients. Amgen and Humana collaborated recently on an outcomes-based research project in an effort to identify high-risk patients. Industry experts are predicting more changes in care delivery over the next several years including the expansion of remote care delivery.

Social Determinants

There’s evidence that social determinants, like food security, and affordable housing promote better health outcomes. Although it’s a popular trend, it hasn’t seen much success due to an overall lack of direction. Proponents of this trend believe that social determinants should be found at every level of healthcare, because they can prevent diseases and save money.

CVS Aetna Merger – Will it Help or Hurt Consumers?

CVS Health announced it will be purchasing the healthcare company Aetna for $69 billion. The deal would merge CVS’s retail pharmacy services with Aetna’s health insurance business. Some ways that it could benefit customers are through better care and lower premiums by removing the profit-taking middlemen.

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