Talent Advisory Services - K. Russo Consulting, Inc.
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K. Russo Consulting’s team of experts work with key decision makers to translate company business strategy into comprehensive initiatives that are innovative, practical and bottom-line focused.


Talent Advisory Services include:


Talent Management

  • Design and Implement Customized Talent Review/Succession Planning Process Aligned to Current and Future Corporate Strategy and Competency Needs
  • Develop and Implement Tailored Leadership and High Potential Development Solutions


Organizational Design

  • Assess Current, Then Design Optimal Organization Structures to Enable Successful Execution of Business Strategies
  • Identify and Develop Critical Competencies Needed to Enable Successful Execution of Business Strategies


Restructuring Operations

  • Build Workforce Planning Process to Identify Critical Operating Capabilities and Deficiencies
  • Provide Expert Change Leadership Consultation and Implementation Support


Talent Essentials

  • Practical Solution-Based Advice on How to Establish Talent as a Critical Source of Competitive Advantage
  • Improve Talent Acquisition Processes and Capabilities


C-Suite Coaching & Teambuilding

  • Individual Coaching & Counsel and Team Building Support to Senior Leaders and Teams



  • Custom Design New Leader Integration and On-Boarding Programs


Employee Engagement

  • Company Culture Assessment
  • Tailored Advisory Services Designed to Improve Employee Engagement, Morale and Retention


Performance Management

  • Assessment, Design and Implementation of Innovative Performance Management Programs